About Us

Ceter is one of the oldest Italian artisan waxworks (the date is uncertain beginning of 1900) is taken over by the Ferrini family in 1976, still today a family and artisan company produces any type of wax. With the passing of the years the Cereria Ternana has flanked the production of candles and candles for liturgical use a wide range of wax articles. We produce all kinds of candles for the church, the house, the historical re-enactments, the cinema, etc. Ours is one of the very few artisan waxworks still existing in Italy, capable of manufacturing any type of candle in any quantity. You can visit our laboratory at any time.

Since 1993 we have added to the wax production the sale of furnishings and sacred vestments. We have the representation and sale of over 120 companies that produce: furniture in woods, cribs and statues of any size and material (wood, plaster, resin, porcelain, bronze, etc.), sacred vestments, metals (chalices, pyxides, tabernacles, etc.), Icons (painted, screen printed, printed), incense, bookcase, everything for your church.
Our new exhibition inaugurated in 2003, defined by many as the largest and most equipped in central Italy, 600 square meters of exhibition located in the industrial area Maratta- via Benucci, 15 easily reachable Terni, outside the town with ample parking.

Since September 2017 we have also opened a shop in the center of Terni Piazza Europa, 15